Calli Beck



Commissions & Fabrication Services

I have access to a multitude of talented people and awesome tools. If you're interested in these services, or having me design a custom art piece, please click the button.

Consulting & Coaching

For many years I've been providing feedback and creative advice to creative professionals and hobbyists. I've worked in product development, event production, design, construction, fabrication, and project management. I've worked for companies with hundreds of employees, start ups, and have started my own business from the ground up. I've been an approved manufacturer and seller on Etsy and have helped hundreds of people take an idea from concept to reality.

 My clientele ranges from professionals and businesses in New York, San Francisco, LA and beyond to stay-at-home moms starting a hobby business.  I have a strong talent for making things, an honest sense of reality, and a down to earth approach to working with people. If you are interested in hiring me as a creative coach or working with me as a consultant, please fill out the form below and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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