Calli Beck



I currently use robots to make art. I also studied fashion design, which required meticulous hand fabrication of flexible, usable, expressive pieces and worked in event production; where art has to be transported and assembled on-site.

I have a geeky intuition for materials, and my interest lies in finding the boundaries between the capabilities of my tools and what the materials can handle. The ability to scale from micro to macro is intrinsic to my investigations of what is possible. I create art within internally defined boundaries because I believe that limits are what make art interesting. 

I'm particularly intrigued by rust, entropy, the intentional dilapidation in materials or techniques driven near extinction by the progression of industry and how to revive them utilizing modern technology.

There is a fine line somewhere between art and design. Where definitions don't quite work and we hope to fill the void with lists of materials, or just let the piece speak for itself. My body of work is much like the line between an ocean and a sea, a mountain and a tall hill- defined for whom it matters, but not particularly necessary.  My art investigates the parallels between pragmatism, minimalism and grand design. I spend as much time thinking about transportation, installation and ease of use as I do shape, structure and design. And some times I make things because why the fuck not.

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Calli Beck earned her BFA in Menswear Fashion Design from Academy of Art in 2012. She has worked as an independent designer in fashion, textiles, interior design, art installation, event production and fabrication since 2006.